Italy, Psychological Dramedy, 84', 2021

Written and Directed by Giovanni Basso

Cast: Giorgio Colangeli, Rosanna Gentili, Claudio Alfredo Alfonsi, Roberto Andreucci, Paolo Gasparini, Rossella Gardini

A retired film director locked up in a suburban Rome apartment will attempt to write a new movie, his eternal opera zero.

Il Grande Presidente

Italy, Drama, 6', 2019

Written and Directed by Giovanni Basso

Cast: Lorenzo Balducci, Giorgio Colangeli, Muriel Travaillard

Soon after the last political elections, during a family reunion two twin brothers face the secret that binds their destiny to the future of the Country.


Italy, Drama, 94', 2016

Written and Directed by Raffaele Salvaggiola

Cast: Luca Nucera, Maurizio Lupinelli, Carlotta Pircher

Emiliano is an aspiring filmmaker who has directed several short films, and he feels it's time to experiment with a feature film.

The Swimmer

Australia, Drama, 16', 2013

Written and Directed by Giovanni Basso

Cast: Tommaso Puccini, Adam T Perkins, Olivia Charlotte

Perth, Western Australia. Shark attacks 10 year-old boy, leaving a scar that will never heal.

Io Non Parlo Mai

Italy, Drama, 15', 2012

Written and Directed by Raffaele Salvaggiola

Cast: Enrico Bossi, Loredana Scianna, Daniela Stecconi

The misadventures of a 30 year-old math teacher between his precarious job and an Excel spreadsheet that rules his sentimental life.

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