Giovanni Basso

Director & Producer

Giovanni Basso is an Italian screenwriter, director and producer born in Ferrara in 1984. In 2012 he graduated in screenwriting at the UCLA Extension in Los Angeles. In 2013 he wrote, directed and produced the short film "The Swimmer", that was in competition in over forty international film festivals, including the Hollywood Film Awards, the NYC Horror Film Festival, the San Diego Film Festival and the International Berlin Film Awards, where it received the special jury mention. 

In 2014 he wrote, directed and produced "Terra Continens", while in 2016 he produced and served as cinematographer for Raffaele Salvaggiola's debut feature film "1/2". In 2017 he served as cinematographer for the Italian short film "Un'Altra Via" based on Lorenzo Palloni's comic book. 

In 2018 he wrote and directed the short film “Il Grande Presidente” starring Lorenzo Balducci and Giorgio Colangeli. Shot on 35mm, Il Grande Presidente was finalist at Cortinametraggio 2019 and for the Corti in Sala prize by Vision Distribution. You can visit his official website at


Matteo Macaluso

Director & Producer

Matteo Macaluso is an Italian producer and director born in Parma in 1979, who graduated from the Antoniano Academy of Dramatic Arts. He produced and directed his first short film "Stateless" in 2004. Since then he has been producing and directing many short films and short documentaries, that have won awards in national and international film festivals. In 2009 he produced and directed "Vercinge", one of the very first Italian short films to be filmed and post-produced in 4K. 

In 2011 he produced and directed the short film "Al Crepuscolo", that was in competition in more than thirty international film festivals. In 2012 with the short "Tears" he won the Griffith Academy special prize as best Italian horror film. In 2016 he produced Raffaele Salvaggiola's debut feature film entitled "1/2". 

In 2017 he wrote, directed and produced the short film "Mio Padre", that won the Vitaliano Brancati Prize at the Cinema di Frontiera International Film Festival. In 2018 his short film "Rifugio" won the Audience Award at the Giffoni Film Festival.



Our Collaborators

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